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Ceviche Bar & Grill
648 El Camino Real, San Carlos, CA 94070

Ceviche Bar & Grill

648 El Camino Real, San Carlos, CA 94070

Cocina Mexicana…With a Californian Edge. Rice, corn, beans, chili peppers, herbs and spices…the essential staples of Mexican cuisine represent a fusion of indigenous Mesoamerican cooking influenced by European – primarily Spanish – culinary arts developed after the Spanish conquest of the Aztec Empire. Ceviche Bar & Grill of San Carlos celebrates these indulgences with cocina Mexicana delights sure to leave an impression long after your visit to our humble little eatery is over.

Loyal customers of Ceviche Bar & Grill often and routinely define us as one of their absolute favorite restaurants in the San Carlos area, citing our “friendly, warm” approach to customer service as well as our excellent Mexican food. Our owners consistently go above and beyond as gracious, appreciative hosts to all of the guests that pass through our doors – whether return patrons or new ones – making sure the entire Ceviche experience is comfortable, memorable one.

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Beyond the warm, hospitable service is a menu that will transport you to the far-reaching coasts of Mexico while fulfilling all your expectations of what a delightful cocina Mexicano meal should be. But we don’t just offer Mexican food – choose from our menu’s cornucopia of burgers, steaks, seafood half-chicken plates and sandwiches, like our talked-about Chicken Sandwich that often goes perfect with our equally popular potato salad side. We even offer a “Burger Bar” lunch experience which is something not to be missed by burger enthusiasts.

Of course, if you’re looking for a Mexican culinary experience not to be forgotten, you’ve picked the right joint. Choose from our multitude of near-legendary tacos, including but certainly not limited to chicken and steak tacos; ceviche tostada; taco special plates; burritos, including a succulent Lobster Burrito dripping with fresh and clean taste; quesadillas, including a loaded and flavor-packed Shrimp Quesadilla and fajitas, all made with the absolute freshest and authentic of ingredients…guaranteed to, with one bite, take you to a place where the sun is always warm, the surf always rolling and the cuisine always caliente!


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